We're BetterLabel.
And we believe the future
of food is better food.

We provide premium, sustainable ingredients for the food, feed, and beverage industry.

With a business vision that’s all about better, you can bet we’re different too. Different because we carry our farm roots forward. That means when you partner with us, you can expect common sense, integrity, and ingenuity. It means we respect the value of pulling together so everyone gains. And that’s what we mean when we welcome you to Grow better. Together.™

We’re all about better: Better food, better work, better future.

In the late 1800’s, a young immigrant couple settled Minnesota’s fertile farmland near the Redwood River Valley. Five generations later, their descendants still cultivate the same land, continuing a legacy of sustainable family farming and living through responsible agriculture. Today, this generation has evolved into a Minnesota agribusiness with a passion for providing premium, Non-GMO, sustainably grown ingredients. With our farming heritage as a beacon of inspiration to secure a better future, we recognize our role as guardians of the land and share in the common responsibility to help create opportunities for the next generation. Together with our family’s farm, we’ve created partnerships with other farmers across America’s heartland who share in our core-beliefs and commitment to sustainability and high standards. BetterLabel is “Farm to Table” – we’re proud to share our story and Non-GMO harvest with you.

We’re a group of people who understand successful business practices, and successful farming practices.


You can expect premium products and service from BetterLabel. This means we bring meaningful quality and value to everything we do, and to everyone we serve.

We like the simplicity and honesty of doing business in a straightforward way. We’re efficient and to the point, so it’s easy to work with us.

The values and knowledge we’ve gained from our farming heritage are a solid foundation for our business.

We build on our heritage by looking ahead, and challenging ourselves to be visionary. We notice, we learn, we improve.

We strive for authenticity by remaining true to who we are and what we value. In word and deed.

We support sustainability. We help keep good things growing. That includes Nature, Farming, Health, and Partnerships.

BetterLabel™ is the source for better ingredients.

Our Non-GMO ingredients are grown and produced exclusively in the USA using more sustainable methods. We think this translates into a better future for everyone.

Food Grade

BetterLabel’s premium, Non-GMO food-grade products meet the Non-GMO Project’s action threshold of 0.9% GMO.


Our specialty corn is grown in America’s Heartland directly by us or one of our select farmers that share our commitment to high standards and sustainability.

  • Yellow
  • White
  • Blue
  • Waxy


Milled Products

Milled from our premium quality BetterMaize whole grains. Applications include snacks, cereals, baked goods, extruded products, distillers and brewers

  • Corn grits
  • Corn meal
  • Corn flour

Feed Grade

BetterLabel’s premium, Non-GMO feed-grade products meet the Non-GMO Project’s action threshold of 5% GMO.

Whole Grains

  • Non-GMO Yellow Corn
  • Non-GMO Soybeans

Roasted Products

  • Non-GMO Roasted Soybeans
  • Non-GMO Roasted Yellow Corn

Milled Products

  • Non-GMO Soy Meal

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BetterLabel™ is committed to better partnerships.

To us, big business isn’t as impressive as good business. So we pride ourselves in working for the good of a lasting partnership. We listen to what our customers need, and think forward to what’s possible beyond that.

We work with companies of all sizes, so whether you want to increase your market share of Non-GMO products, or are entering the market for the first time, you can be confident in our ingredients, service, and know-how. It means when you decide to partner with us, you can expect consistent quality, premium service, and better flexibility.

BetterLabelTM thrives on partnership. We build solid, dependable relationships by being solid and dependable.

To learn more about what it means to partner with us, please contact us today.

As a BetterLabel™ grower, you’re in good company. And good hands.

We’re different — unlike other companies, we understand what it means to be a farmer.

By working directly with our growers from seed selection to harvest, we provide a better experience for our growers and premium ingredients for our customers.

Everyone benefits from our:

  • Better Flexibility – by working with a group of people who understand farming and its challenges
  • Better Partnerships – with our commitment to developing long-term, sustainable relationships with our growers and customers
  • Better Pricing – through competitive contracts

To learn more, please contact us.


Let’s Grow Better. Together.™

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